Qadri Center

The Path of divine love: ISHQ-E-RASOOL 

About Us

Qadri Center USA is a Sunni sufi organization founded on the principles & teachings of the Sultan of Saints Syedna Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani, the Most Famous Descendant of Prophet Muhammad in last one thousand years.   


our mission is to spread real love for the beloved of god-Rasulullah, his noble family (ahle bayt), his great companions (Sahabas) & the great friends of god (Awliyah).  

Qadri Tariqat

the path of ISHQ requires a proper Sufi Master who has complete union with Allah (FANA). Come directly to the Sultan of Saints to learn how to achieve highest stations and levels that can only be reached through divine love & ecstasy. seekers who are seeking the true meaning of life will only find the answer through love.  love will set you free!